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Rodney it is just a couple hours from your 7 year heaven anniversary. It feels just like we are just going through it all again. Miss you more than anyone could imagine. I miss your smile, silly jokes and the comfort of your hug. 2020 has been a year that we definitely don't want to repeat. Your children are amazing adults with their own families. Elliana is going to have a baby brother joining her in April 2021. Pierce is

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Posted by: Joyce Porter - Springfield, IL - Spouse   Dec 02, 2020

Rod it is hard to believe that you have been gone for 6 years. So much has happened in those 6 years.
This year we welcomed our 1st & 2nd grandchildren Elliana & Pierce. And Sarah married Donny. We know you were watching all this from heaven. We miss you alot. My heart hurts. I love you always

Posted by: Joyce Porter - Spouse   Dec 03, 2019

Rodney you left us 5 years ago and it feels like today.
So much is happening in our children's lives.
Sarah is getting married in October 2019.
Amy and Chris are having our first grand child which is a girl, in May 2019.
Zach and Britney will be having our 2nd grandchild in July 2019.
Please keep an eye over all of them.
I'm sure you are playing with Jackson and Sammi monkey boo and last. We all miss you so much. Love you with all my heart.

Posted by: Joyce Porter - Springfield, IL - Spouse   Dec 03, 2018

Rod it is the night before the anniversary of your passing. Your are in my thoughts every day. I know that the kids think about you too. We are all thankful that you are no longer suffering and your body is healed. We have 3 amazing adult children who you would be just as proud of them as I am.please keep watch over them. Love and miss you.

Posted by: Joyce Porter - Springfield, IL - Spouse   Dec 02, 2016

It's been 2 years since you left to go to heaven. Time suppose to heal all wounds and make it easier, well it doesn't. I miss your voice, your smile and silly jokes. Miss your touch, your hugs and your love.
The kids miss you too. They are so grown up. Zach & Britney are doing great, working and family keep them busy. Amy is graduating with her Masters in a couple weeks and Sarah is getting her Veterinary Assitant

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Posted by: Joyce Porter - Springfield, IL - wife   Dec 02, 2015

Been thinking about you all week. Missing you so much I just want to sit in a dark room & cry. I love you Rodney forever.

Posted by: Joyce - Springfield, IL - wife   Mar 20, 2015

Rodney I wish you were here. My heart aches to hear your voice. I miss your smile and all the silly jokes you use to tell.
I'm sure you and dad and Doug along with Sammy and all of our other relatives and friends who are up in Heaven with you are all sitting around talking about all the memories just we do here.
Sarah went to Kentucky to see Amy this weekend. Her first long highway trip by herself.

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Posted by: Joyce - Springfield, IL - wife   Mar 14, 2015

Merry Christmas in Heaven Rodney.
Holidays just are not the same without you.
Usually at this time of the night you would be in the garage finishing up wrapping & I would be in the living room finishing up.
Then we would try to get a few hours of sleep before the kids woke up.
memories are great but they make me miss you more.
LOVE you & miss you.

Posted by: Joyce Porter - Springfield, IL - wife   Dec 25, 2014

Rodney - my last message to you says 1 year & 5 days which should have read 6 days. I had just gotten off work and my mind was still on December 8 not 9th when I posted. My days seem to be like that since you've been gone. My mind just doesn't want to cooperate with me. I miss you so much
All my love to you

Posted by: Joyce - Springfield, IL - wife   Dec 09, 2014

Rodney it is hard to believe that it has been 1 year & 5 days since you left us. I tried to write to you on your 1st Anniversary in Heaven to let you know how much i miss you and how much the kids miss you we are glad that you are no longer in pain but yet our hearts are still broken that you are not here with us. We sit and look at pictures & talk about

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Posted by: Joyce - Springfield, IL - Wife   Dec 09, 2014