George Herbert Southard

  • Born: October 18, 1941
  • Died: February 20, 2014
  • Location: Loami, Illinois

Lincoln Land Cremation Society

917 S. 7th Street
Springfield, IL 62703
Tel. (217) 523-4646

Tribute & Message From The Family

George Herbert Southard, 72, of Loami, died at 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at St. John's Hospital.

George was born October 18, 1941 in Big Mound, IL, the son of Carl Herbert and Mary Louise Weitiekamp Southard.

George owned and operated his own tree trimming business, George Southard and Son Tree Service. He was a member of the TRN Club at Lake Springfield and the Knights of Columbus in New Berlin. He enjoyed fishing, spending time with his family and friends, and being on the Illinois River.

He was preceded in death by his parents; brother, Bob Southard; and one grandchild.

He is survived by his three sons, George (wife, Ruth) Southard of Louisville, KY, John (wife, Tara) Southard of Chatham, and Jason (wife, Heather) Southard of Rochester; daughter, Melissa (husband, Tom) Burrell of Tolono, IL; twelve grandchildren; one great-grandchild; siblings, William Southard of Taylorville, Ben Southard of Springfield, Clarence Southard of Galesburg, John Southard of TX, and Mary "Bunny" Southard of Des Moines, IA; and several nieces and nephews.

A Celebration of Life will be hosted by the family on Saturday, March 1, 2014 from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. at South Side Christian Church, Southwest Campus, 3040 Hamlin Pkwy, Springfield.

Cremation was accorded by Lincoln Land Cremation Society.


Condolence & Memory Journal

Just stopping to tell you how much I miss you! Its been 6 long years without you and it get harder by the day! I love you so much papa!

Posted by Kayla Burrell - Villa Grove, IL - Grandchild   February 20, 2020

Today is your birthday! Another one I'm not able to spend and celebrate with you! I miss you so much Papa I wish you could have been here for my wedding. I'd give anything for just one more day with you! I love you so much!!! This day every year is one of the hardest days of the year. I just eant to hear your voice 1 more time. I just want to know that your pain free and celebrating! Love and miss you tons... Always and forever Papas girl❤ #anotherbirthdayinheaven #myguardianangel #papasgirl4life #itnevergetseasier

Posted by Kayla Burrell - Villa Grove, IL - Grandchild   October 18, 2018

Hi Papa,
Just stopping by to chat for a minute. I miss you so much! You memories are forever alive as long as I live. Hadley knows all about you and oh my she is a little pistol. She calls you Papa George. We watch your video and talk about you alot. Oh what I would give for heaven to have a phone and visiting hours. We love you so much and miss you more and more as the days pass! Xoxox until we meet again Papa...

Posted by Kayla Finley - Villa Grove, IL - Grandchild   August 08, 2018

Hey Papa,
It's been 4 years since i was sitting at your bedside making sure you were not alone and letting you know that you were ok to go and that we all love you. It seems like it was just yesterday... Sometimes i wonder how we have made it 4 years without you and your advice and comfort. With everything that we have went through this year with mema I truly believ you were there with her and helped her and us through all of that. Your my Hero and always will be. I love and miss you so much Papa.

Posted by Kayla Finley - Villa Grove, IL - Grandchild   February 19, 2018

Hey papa i know its been too long since i have wrote to you but i just find myself stumbling for words other than i miss you and i want you back here with me. But today for some reason you are weighing heavy on my mind and apparently Hadleys too because she hasa watched ypur video 7 times now lol... We sure do miss you Papa! Love always kayla

Posted by Kayla Finley - Villa Grove, IL - Grandchild   June 12, 2017

Where too begin... Well papa yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of the day ypu were taken from us and heaven gaines and amazing man and i gained the worlds beat guardian angel! I miss you so much. I thought about you and talked about u alot yesterday it was a rough day for me. Yesterday was the laat time i ever got to hold your hand. Hadley was smiling and giggling in her sleep yesterday was that you? I hope so! Goah i just miss you so much i have so much i want to tell you and show you. Im sure you are always with me i just wish i could see you and hear you and hug you. I love you papa! Ttyl

Posted by Kayla finley - tolono, IL - Grandchild   February 21, 2016

So it just hit me today that Hadley will never really get to know you! It breaks my heart because theres no better papa in the world and im sad for her that she wont get to experience that! You are the one and only man that always loved me and never let me down or left me behind and im forever greatful for that but im so sad that you arent here to be a part of hadleys life! I will make sure she knows alk about you and how amazing of a papa she has in heaven i promise! I just wish you were here! We love you papa!!❤

Posted by Kayla finley - villa grove, IL - Grandaughter   January 04, 2016

Oh where to start?! Well your great granddaughter Hadley made her entrance to the world on the 29th at 1:53 am weighing 6lbs 7oz and 18 3/4 in long... Shes perfect! She looks so much like you. I wish you were here to meet her. You would just fall in love. I know i did! Plz watch over her and keep her safe. Idk what i would do without her now that shes here! We love you very much papa! Have a good new year! ❤

Posted by Kayla finley - villa grove, IL - Grandaughter   December 31, 2015

Hey papa, its been a while... I got hit with missing you pretty hard today, kayla had hadley december 29 at 1:53 am and boy is she a southard! She looks just like kayla and in turn she looks just like you! She is perfect and i wish you were here to see her! I love and miss you so much papa and i know youre looking down on us all❤

Posted by Olivia Burrell - Tolono, IL - Granddaughter   December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas Papa! I miss you more than words can explain. I hope you have a wonderful day in heaven and are with us today as im sure you will be! I love you so much i wish you were here to spend the holidays with us! On monday lil miss Hadley will be here i wish you were here to meet her i know she woukd adore you and be Papas girl just like i was. Well ill let you enjoy your day love you bunches and ttyl ❤

Posted by Kayla finley - villa grove, IL - Grandaughter   December 25, 2015

Well papa in 2 short days we will be celebrating another thanksgiving without you! I just wish we could could have one more holiday or just one more day period to see you hug you talk to you! I miss you so much! Ii watched home video last night and it was so good to just hear your voice and see you smile ut made my day and im sure your having just as much fun in heaven as you did here on earth! I cant wait to bring hadkey home in her onsir that mema bought her it says hand picked for earth by my papa in heaven! I love you papa and i know ill see u again someday and that keeps me at peace. I will ttyl papa have a happy thanksgiving and share the turkey with bear lol ❤

Posted by Kayla finley - Villa Grove, IL - Grandaughter   November 24, 2015

Happy birthday Papa! Miss and love you more and more everyday cant wait to see u again! Have fun in heaven papa until we meet again ❤

Posted by Kayla finley - villa grove, IL - Grandaughter   October 18, 2015

Well Papa its been a while since i wrote to you but not a day goes by that i dont think about you! I still miss you more and more everyday they say it gets easier with time and the pain of losing does but the fact that i cant see you and talk to you and hug you just get harder with everyday i have 13 weeks left before i have your grwat grandaughter her name is Hadley Ella Rose and as soon as she gets here im gonna twll her all about you! Sometimes i play fishing in the dark for her i want ger to know you and ill make sure that she does! I love and miss you like crazy Papa its still so weird that your not just a phone call away. Its been almost 2 years and it feels like just yesterday i was sitting by your bed holding your hand promising to not let go and twlling you its ok to go. :( Im so glad i got to spend your last frw moments with you and i will cherish them forever! Have fun in heaven papa love always and forever! Until we meet again!❤ my guardian angel!

Posted by Kayla finley - tolono, IL - Grandaughter   September 29, 2015

Papa just stopping By to tell you that I miss you and love you so much! I wish you were here I still feel selfish for wanting you back but I just can't help it. Papa I'm having a baby and I wanted more than anything in this workdd for you to be a part of my child's life but I know that u will be forever watching over us my baby will never get to experience what it is like to have the best papa ever but one thing is for sure my child will grow up knowing just as much about you as I do I will make sure they know who papa is. We will talk about you like you never had to leave. It breaks my heart to know that I have to experience this without you. Your the first person I wanted to call and still the first person I turn to when I need to talk to someone I hope you hear me talking to you all the time. So much has changed without you here but I try to live everyday with a smile on face face because I know that's what you would want. I love you sooooo much we will talk again soon! Until we meet again!❤

Posted by kayla finley - tolono, IL - granddaughter   June 15, 2015

At a loss for words can't believe its been a year! I wish I could turn back time just to hold your hand and hear your voice one more time! Tonight sucks papa! I can't help but let the tears roll down my cheeks they just keep coming :( I love and miss you very much!

Posted by kayla - villa grove, IL - granddaughter   February 20, 2015

Merry Christmas Papa! Its our first Christmas without you and its different I love and miss you so much! I hope your having a blast celebrating jesus's birthday! Give bear a meaty bone from me! Talk to you soon love you!

Posted by kayla finley - tolono, IL - granddaughter   December 25, 2014

Happy turkey day papa! Wish I could spend it with you! Love and miss you more and more everyday...

Posted by kayla finley - tolono, IL - granddaughter   November 27, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!!! love and miss you! Hope your first birthday in heaven is amazing!!

Posted by kayla finley - tolono, IL - granddaughter   October 19, 2014

Ugh! Papa they say losing someone gets easier with time but its not getting any easier it just keeps getting harder! I just need to hear u say everything is going to be ok. Its just not the same without you and I know you wouldn't want me to cry but I just can't help it. It seems like the more I hold it in the worse it hurts! I wish heaven had a phone! I think about you all day everyday. I miss you so much!!! I love you papa!!

Posted by Kayla finley - tolono, IL - granddaughter   October 07, 2014

Hey papa just stopping by to say I love and miss you! So much has happened since u been gone and I have so Mich to tell you. I miss you like crazy but I'm just keeping myself busy. Just working hard everyone tells me I have your work ethic and attitude :) I'm just doing everything I can to make sure that you are proud of me and I know you are!! I love you sooo much papa! Hope your having an amazing time!! <3 ttyl>

Posted by Kayla finley - tolono, IL - granddaughter   September 23, 2014

Happy Fathers day dad! I miss you everyday I wake up. Enjoy this day in heaven. I know your with me everyday. Love you.

Posted by Jason Southard - Rochester, IL - son   June 15, 2014

Happy fathers day papa I love and miss you I wish you could be here but I'm sure you're up there havin a beer with your dad in heaven

Posted by Olivia Burrell - Tolono, IL - grandaughter   June 15, 2014

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Olivia Burrell - Tolono, IL - grandaughter   June 15, 2014

Happy fathers day daddy! I love n miss you!!!

Posted by Melissa Burrell - tolono, IL - daughter   June 15, 2014

Happy fathers day papa! I love and miss u very much. I hope you are having a good day spending the day with ur dad :) love always!

Posted by kayla finley - springfield, IL - grandaughter   June 15, 2014


Hey Papa,
Just stopping by to say I love and miss you! I drove out to the TRN club this weekend and sat in the parking lot for a minute and oh the memories just came flooding in! :( it seems like everyday I see something or someone that brings me back to you. Today I saw Ron Mac its just crazy that there is so many things and people out there keeping your memory alive. Even Addison, although she only met u twice she knows who you are we look at your pictures all the time and she says "Papa" I say yeah that's papa she gets so excited! :) I will do any and everything I can to make sure your memories stay alive as long as I live! Sometimes I just get in the car and drive to random places where you used to take me and I just sit there and listen to our song it makes me feel so close to you. I wish heaven had a phone!!! but i wont keep you as I'm sure your having a blast in heaven so I will talk to you soon love always!

Posted by Kayla Finley - springfield, IL - Grandaughter   May 07, 2014


Happy easter papa I wish u were here with us! I miss you more and more everyday. People say it gets easier with time but I have yet to see proof of that I just want you back :( there is so much i want to talk to you about and I miss seeing that smile that lit up the room and all ur goofy jokes that made all the sadness and stress just melt away like it was never there to begin with! I love you papa give bear dog some meaty bones for easter oh and a popsicle :)! Xoxo talk to you soon love Kayla<3>

Posted by Kayla finley - springfield, IL - granddaughter   April 20, 2014

Papa thank you for coming to see me last night I knew u would never let me down u never have and you made me see things so clear I love and miss you so much hope to see u again soon! :)

Posted by Kayla finley - springfield, IL - granddaughter   March 22, 2014

Part 2 of what I read at his memorial service:

He taught some of us to cut trees, and some of us that we better get another job.
He taught us to have fun
He liked Westerns
He liked naps (Going to bid a job)
He like his golf cart
He liked his dogs, especially Bear I remember sometimes he'd cook breakfast for Bear. They both liked biscuits and gravy. Or he'd come home late, and cook him and Bear something to eat, and half the time Bear would get it all, cuz Dad would fall asleep.
He taught us how to swim
He'd take us skiing before school sometimes.
He taught us to ride a motorcycle.
He took us sledding on an old Coke sign pull us behind the blazer, and we'd fly off
Dad did not like to wait.Sometimes the TV show Shipping Wars reminded me of Dad's impatience.
Dad did not like to save money if he made it- he spent it.
Dad was a proud man.
He was a collector.
Dad did not full fix vehicles.
Dad loved to grow rust, or so it seemed.
Dad was a wild man.
He was not a worrier, it'll be OK
He provided for us he worked long hard days, when we were growing up.
He protected us he Dog / gun story
He loved us My wife Tara never saw a Dad like him.
He believed in God and a life after this.
That's my Dad
He will be missed

Posted by John Southard - Chatham, IL - Son   March 04, 2014

Part 1 of what I read this at his memorial service:

George My Dad, my dad was 72 years old. This is what I know about him:
Dad didn't like technology, -
He had his own way of keeping track of things, whether it be a bunch of loose papers, or a little notebook in his shirt pocket. Although most of his incomplete notes, only he could understand if he could.
Dad didn't like restaurants He liked diners.
He'd drive an hour out of his way for lunch to a small diner, if it meant a slice of homemade pie.
He enjoyed going to bid jobs : explain
He enjoyed DQ
He liked fishing
He liked boating
He liked tree work
Later in life he learned supervising tree work was even better.
He was a stickler for Stihl Chainsaws
He loved his big ol 66 Stihl saw.
He loved the river
He wasn't a financial wizard but he was a wizard with trees. . I remember him telling us how he laid a paper plate in a yard once between 2 houses, hit the paper plate and missed both houses. He was good.
He wasn't a suit & tie guy, but that doesn't mean he couldn't pull it off.
He liked country music, and he liked Rock and roll.
He liked to boogaloo
He loved cooking
He loved cooking for everyone.
He did not like it when people snuck in and ate his steaks.
He liked trucks
He liked biscuits and gravy
He knew which diners to order sausage pattie, and which ones to order links
He liked hanging out at the Curran Country Club
He liked CC and water
He liked Vodka and lemonade
He liked Vodka and tea
He taught us the six-count (demonstrate)
He taught us a lot:
He taught us to make him drinks (using the 6-count)
He taught us to use a chainsaw
He taught us to drive which gave him and mom a designated driver home from the TRN club (even if we were only 14.
He taught us to ski
He taught us to work on cars
He taught us many sayings, like it's too far from your heart to kill ya, and many more that I cannot repeat here.

Posted by John Southard - Chatham, IL - Son   March 04, 2014


Papa, Yesterday we celebrated your life and it was amazing all of the people that came to show support, you are missed by so many people even people that you havent seen or talked to in years all because you were an amazing man that touched the lives of everyone you ever came in contact with! i think about you 24/7 that empty feeling will never go away, but i know that you are with me its little things i see and hear that let me know all the time!! The memories i have of you will forever keep you here with me. i wrote you a letter papa and it read: Dear Papa, I cant believe im writing this letter to you! i guess i just never thought about what it would be like without you here. you have always been such an important part of my life. The bond we shared means more to me than you could have ever known. you played a huge part in making me the strong, independent, hard working, determined woman that i am today, and for that i will be forever grateful. The other day i was going through my photos to make a foam board for today as we celebrate your life. those photos brought back so many wonderful memories. i feel so blessed to call you papa and im so thankful for all the time i got to spend with you. There is one thing in life i have never had to question and that was how much you loved me. When i came to you in the hospital i knew you would be strong just as you always were. i tried so hard and did my best to be strong for you too. I know you wouldnt want me to be sad so i wrote you this letter to reassure you that im going to be ok just like i said to you. i know i will get through this because you showed me how to be strong. But now i know your safe and not in pain anymore sp live it up in heaven papa, fly high with the angels. i know you will always watch over us and keep us safe as you did when you were here! P.S. tell all my loved ones i say hi and give my happy dog one more hug for me! -I love you always and forever, see you on the other side! xoxo

Posted by kayla Finley - springfield, IL - Grandaughter   March 03, 2014

George was always good to my family. When I became a single mother of 6 children, he would phone me every once in awhile to make sure we were doing okay, especially after bad weather. Now George is with his mother and brother, Bob. God bless you!

Posted by Susan Vorderstrasse-Miller - Pleasant Plains, IL - Former sister-law   March 01, 2014


Words can't express how much I miss you! You are an amazing man.....Anytime I needed you, you were there, no matter what time of day or night. You always took care of me and my mother as well. For that I am forever grateful that our lives were blessed with your presence. It was impossible to meet someone who had a bad word to say about you..... you were loved by many as well as you are now missed by many. I truly love you Step Poppa.... I'll really miss our late night chats :) But I know you are there with me and looking down and taking care of everyone you love because you always did! We will meet again some day.... Until then..... I love you!

Posted by Hilary Burris - Las Vegas, NV - Step Daughter   February 28, 2014


To the Southard Family - So sorry to hear about the passing of George. I just realized that my family has known George over 50 yeaars. Time goes so fast but we still have a lot of great memories to refresh our minds. Bryce & I rode motorcycles with George & Maggie way back then. You kids grew up with our kids. We all hung out at the TRN club and had lots of fun. A lot has happened in the last few years but one thing never changed - he loved his kids & grandkids. He would sit at the table and talk about each of you with that great big smile. He was a good man and a good father. When we needed help to build the room on to our house for Chris (my son) he was here as often as he could be. Always remember that he loved his family. May he rest in peace. The Owens Family (Joyce, Rusty, Randy & Chris) I am sure that him and Bryce are up in heaven looking down on us.

Posted by Joyce Owens - Chatham, IL - Friend   February 27, 2014

Dad You gave me a pretty great childhood (since I survived it). You worked hard to provide for our family. You sent me to a great school, which I was so grateful for, I insisted on sending our kids to a similar school. You took me boating, skiing, skating, to drive-ins, and on vacations. You got me motorcycles, cars, and other toys. You did good.

Dad You taught me a lot in my life. You taught me how to drive. You taught me to be independent, how to fix pipes and other stuff around the house. You taught me to provide for my family. You also taught me how hard tree work is, so I'd find another career.

Dad You taught me to have fun in life

Dad I miss you I've missed you for years. I wish we wouldn't have let crap come between us. I never dreamed we'd both be so stubborn (one more thing you taught me well) that we'd go a decade without each other. I never thought I'd lose you so early. I'm glad I called you a while back and began seeing you again. Abby loved going to DQ with you. I wish my girls could have known you the way I did. I wish I had those years back. They'd be different.

Dad I love you

Posted by John Southard - Chatham, IL - Son   February 27, 2014

Sorry about your dad we had alot of good times

Posted by Dale Workman - springfield, IL - friend   February 26, 2014

Dad, As your youngest son, I always grew up thinking you would be here forever. In all my life I never would have thought I would have to write this letter to you. You started with me in the beginning, teaching me how to walk, talk and have fun. I have learned many things throughout my life all of which I would have never had the chance to experience if it weren't for you and your loving hands and vibrant smile that is so infectious to all who were around you. You are the one that taught me how to drive when you put me in the truck and told me I was ready, you are the one who picked me up when I wrecked my dirt bike in front of our house and told me to be more careful, you, dad have always been there when I have needed you the most. And now that I need to cry you are not here to hold me and tell me it will be alright. But when I got up this morning I looked in the mirror and saw the man you have created and the parts of you that will be with me forever, and at that point I realized you will always be with me to teach me new things, pick me up when I fall and be there for me to cry on. You will be with me forever Dad in my heart and in my soul and I will carry you with me forever. I love you Dad and I have stood by you through all that has happened in your life. We have shared many up and downs together that no one can take away and that I will never forget. We have worked side by side for years, you are my best friend and the one who made me who I am. I love you Dad, rest peacefully you have earned it.

Posted by Jason Southard - Rochester, IL - Son   February 26, 2014

I'm so sorry to hear of George's passing. He was a friend and a river buddy who always had a smile and a laugh for everybody. We will miss you George! Happy Fishing!

Posted by Butch and Karen Miller - Sherman, IL - Friend   February 25, 2014


george, i love you and vise-versa, no one can ever take that away from us. we will meet again with open arms.+

Posted by mary burris - loami, IL - companion   February 24, 2014

George is going to be sadly missed. We have so many fun memories living near George and his family. We have not seen George for a long time, but we still reminisced about all the good times we spent together. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of George's family.

Penny & Fred Stockton & Family

Posted by Fred and Penny Stockton - Jacksonville, IL - Friend   February 24, 2014


Our deepest sympathy to George's family/Mary. We love George & will miss him deeply. Will always remember his infectious smile and great laugh. Rest well friend. Hope there is lots of tea in Heaven! Love you G!

Posted by Bonita & Ed Jones - Loami, IL - Friend   February 24, 2014

George had a heart of gold he well be missed thoughts and prayers to the family RIP my friend

Posted by Art and Deb Lynn - Mchanicsburg, IL - Friend   February 24, 2014

Uncle George, my drum : ). I cherish all the times you'd call to tell me about some deliciousness you'd cooked. We'd spend hours eating, telling stories and jokes. Then you'd decide we needed to go to town. Didn't matter where we went, they all yelled "George" when we walked in. And I just knew I had the coolest Uncle ever. So many stories I can't share for fear of getting myself in trouble. Speaking of trouble, you were the first person I called when I got into trouble. You are such a loving, kind and happy soul. Give Bear dog a belly rub for me. My love always.

Posted by Toni Lynn Claypool - Springfield, IL - Neice   February 23, 2014

I never thought about what it would be like here without you and frankly I don't like this feeling I know I will get through it because I'm just like you. I'm so very thankful for all the stuff we got to do!I miss you more than you will ever know and not a minute or second goes by that I don't think of you! I love you papa tell happy dog I said hi! Fly high with the angels papa dance in the sky

Posted by Kayla finley - granddaughter   February 22, 2014

George always made me smile, and his smile was contagious. Prayers with the family during this time.

Posted by Michelle Smith-Birch    February 22, 2014

In deepest sympathy........ We had so much fun with George!!! A very good man!!

Posted by Brenda Price - Springfield - Friend   February 22, 2014

My condolences to the family. The party always started when George came in the room and the memories will do the same every time friends gather and remember him. You were one of a kind George and will be missed. So glad to have had you for a friend.

Posted by Bill Roesch - Weslaco, TX - friend   February 21, 2014


George and I had 38 years of Fun, Fast, Hard living ! He burnt his candle bright in life , and I"m sure its burning just as bright now! i was sure hopping this day would never come. Hearing the phrase "that was neat" will always make me think of him! Rest in peace Big Daddy! life will never be the same. i sure will miss you. we lost a very good friend.

Posted by John Luckey - Rochester, IL - very close friend, employee   February 21, 2014

Heaven has gotten a wonderful angel...I will miss all the times we spent at the river at Patterson Bay and all the fun and laughter we have...Your beautiful face, your kind heart and all that beer.....Luv you so much
Your Niece

God bless the Southard family and extended family

Posted by Tristy Southard Hauversburk - Springfield, IL - niece   February 21, 2014

George was always such a nice man to be around, with a contagious smile! My condolences to his family, including his love, Mary. I loved to see them out having fun & laughing together! Life is too short not to love & laugh.

Posted by JESSICA MONTY - Friend   February 21, 2014

George was always one of my favorite customers and I enjoyed having him come into wherever I was working at the time. He will be greatly missed by his children and Mary.

Posted by Marcia Sheppard-Kemp - New Berlin, IL - friend   February 21, 2014

So sorry to hear of George's passing. We always had instant tea packets for him when he would visit the Boat in Bath. Sincere condolences to his family.

Posted by Betty DeFord - Bath, IL - friend   February 21, 2014


My memory of my Uncle George was that he was always happy and had a great sense of humor. I know that he has left his mark on a lot of our lives and will be truly missed.

Posted by Tambria Cory - Naples, FL - Niece   February 21, 2014

Well where do I begin I remember George when I as at St Mary's grade school, always so kind, lots of fun, and always a smile. Those were the good old days when life was easy. However, one thing always remained the same and that was George's zest for life, family and friends!! I am sure that George is being greeted by many whom he loved that have paced before him. Rest in Peace George, and don't cut to many trees down up there.

To The Southard Kids,
I am so sorry for your loss, and you are all in my thoughts and prayers!!

Love Carrie Pointer Adams

Posted by Carrie Pointer Adams - New Berlin, IL - friend   February 21, 2014


I will always hold a special place in my heart for you. I will always remember your laugh, your smile and how you always lit up the room when you walked in, but most of all I will always have the memories of our time spent together. I am so blessed to have had you in my life. I will miss you so much. I love you.

Posted by Heather Southard - Rochester, IL - Daughter In Law   February 21, 2014

Daddy I love and miss you! I know you will always be with me.

Posted by Melissa Burrell - tolono, IL - daughter   February 21, 2014