Condolence & Memory Journal

I have one of your famous pictures on my wall of "Heroes"

Your memory lives on ...........

Posted by John Murphy - collinsville, IL - Friend   July 21, 2018

The great spirit has welcome our dear friend. He is teaching history around the council fire right now. You will be missed Crazy Fox. Ner' a quicker wit was born.

Nous allons passer le tuyau d'honorer votre vie, mon ami.

Posted by shawna kadlec - House Springs, MO - fellow reenactor   July 28, 2014

Crazy Fox was my Friend, my Blood Brother, and a number of times my cohort in what might have been called inebriated buffoonery and other high crimes. LOL! I remember one time when we were at Fort Niagara and a bunch of us went over to Canada, in period dress, to visit British Fort George or as Bill called it, "Fort Boy George". When we walked up to the gate a sweet Canadian lassie interpreter met us and said they were getting ready to close and why were we dressed the way we were? Bill, a might snockered, said, "We represent the vanguard of a para-military force which has invaded your country and are you ready to surrender this fort?" The park interpreter looked alarmed at first then smiled and said, "No your not! You're just another group of those American re-enactors from Fort Niagara. Please come in.

Posted by H.Harvey Hildebrand - Indianapolis, IN - Friend, Blood Brother   July 28, 2014

I just received word of Bill's passing and want to say ...... That time will pass, but the memories of all of us at the fort were good and you "Bill" had a lot to do with it.
God Speed My Friend .............

Posted by John Murphy - Collinsville, IL - Friend   July 25, 2014

Bill was a major character ion my childhood memories running around events. He was a dear friend to both of my parents and never met a stranger. I will miss him very much and hope that he is laughing with my Mom again and telling stories to those who went before.

Posted by Rosie Hamilton 42nd RHR - Indianapolis, IN - friend   July 24, 2014

Pax Christi mon Amis

Posted by John Ritter - Fort de Chartres, IL - Fort de Chartres   July 23, 2014

So sad to hear that Crazy Fox has passed. He now sits at the great counsel fire. Many fond memories, especially the raccoon "appendage " bone necklace incident with the 2 female college girl tourists at June rendezvous. Boy, she dropped that like the proverbial hot potato! They stomped off mad as wet hens!!

Hoka Hay & God speed brother.

Posted by Charlie Borger Jr. - Carbondale, IL - Blood Brother   July 23, 2014

I first met Bill when he came to the Old State Capitol as a seasonal employee. I was responsible for teaching him the tour. He followed a few tours in the morning and by that afternoon was giving tours on his own. He was the quickest study I ever knew. In all of the time I worked with Bill he never once shortchanged a visitor to the site. Every tour he gave was informative and fun. He was a fun coworker and friend, and I'm saddened by his passing.

Posted by Chet Rhodes - girard, IL - coworker   July 23, 2014