Condolence & Memory Journal

Mom been missing u so much u was my best friend who called u ever day when I was young and even we got older we would talk for ever and I've missed those days so bad but we where both bullhead learned it from u mom but now I'll never to hear ur voice is hurting me so much mommy I'm so sorry and I love u I'm not sure what to do without u you was always there for me now ur gone and it hurts so bad I miss u so much even though we wasn't talking but I knew u was still there for me and now ur really gone I love and miss u mom

Posted by Joann James - alton - daughter   November 21, 2014


love you grandma if you were still here I would love you hug you with all my heart. :(

Posted by Megan Yarborough - East Alton, IL - Great Grandma   November 20, 2014


Grandma I can't believe that you are gone.. You are one of the strongest people I ever knew. I have so many memories from when I was a child and as an adult. My favorite memories and times with you are when me and Megan would drive up to Springfield and spend the weekend with you, we would just sit at the kitchen table the entire day talking and drinking Tea. I also remember when I was little all the vacations and trips we would go on. ( How did you and grandpa ever survive taking me to turkey run!!!! I was such a girlie girl) Even though you have passed away I know that you will always be with me in my heart and watching over me and Megan ( OK and Mark too ;) ) Also behave your self up there in heaven no hitting my dad upside the head with a frying pan!!!!! LOL Well I guess you can just once! Love you grandma forever thank you for all the special times we have shared throughout the years...... Miss you.. Tina, Mark, And Megan Yarborough

Posted by Tina Yarborough - East Alton, IL - Grandma   November 20, 2014

Mom I know we had r ups and downs but loved u with all my heart and I'm missing u like crazy I know ur with god and taking care of Verna ,Kenny, luke give them hugs and kisses from there little sis I will see u all againgod bless u mmom I love u and I'll take care of Bob and my children and grandchildren u rest in peace

Posted by Joann James - Alton, IL - daughter   November 20, 2014


well grandma you seen me grow into a young lady. I love you. God told you to call me that day so I could say I love you.
please God take good care of her.
love kym

Posted by kym v - MO - great grandchild   November 19, 2014