Condolence & Memory Journal

Life is too short. Let's always remember the good times we shared!

Posted by Vince Veseling - Springfield, IL - friend   April 12, 2021


My greatest sympathy goes out to Boyd and Shelley. Our family spent much time with them in Chicago and then moved to Flossmoor at the same time. Haven't had contact since High School but, kept up with their achievements from Tom's parents. I remember Tom as fun, adventurous and always kind to me, the little tomboy who hung out with them. I always looked up to Tom and he put up with me playing hockey with the guys in their Chicago back yard. He also took me to my first basketball game. I have found memories of Tom and of his siblings. Like you Tom, a fan of golden retrievers. Someday Tom we will have a golden retriever party and I know you will let me tag along and let me play. Janet

Posted by Janet Hoffman - Elgin, IL - friend of family   May 16, 2015

Met Tommy in 1966 aboard the USS Piper. We servered on two boats together. Though we lost contact for about 40 years I never lost memory of him. These last 10 years have been good to have an old friend back in my life. Made several trips to visit with him and will miss like a brother. I loved being able to just chat with him any time about anything just to be in touch. Rest easy my brother I miss you.

Posted by Chris Haley - Wilmington, NC - Life long friend   April 30, 2015

On behalf of the United States Submarine Veterans (On USSVI), we offer our sincere condolences to Jeani and all of the Bartlett family and friends in your loss and sorrow. May God whisper peace into your hearts and comfort and heal them. We are grateful for Tom's service to our country in the U.S. Submarine Service. To our Brother of the Dolphin "Sailor, rest your oar. We have the watch. May you rest in peace and may God bless your loved ones who remain. Thank you for your service to our country." -- Chaplain Bob Reinisch, National Chaplain United States Submarine Veterans, USSVI.

Posted by Bob Reinisch - Idaho Falls, ID   April 29, 2015

Betty and I have some funny and fond memories of life with Tom. They include first hearing Stairway to Heaven, submarine showers , Bucher and Toms's yellow van. Tom and his family will remain in our prayers.

Posted by Vince Veseling - Springfield, IL   April 24, 2015

I knew Tom for only four years, but we built a friendship of caring that was deeper than our surface differences. I knew his heart of love that his bravado couldn't hide.
When we first met, I shared that I had written a book that was on Amazon and I wanted to submit it also in the digital format but I couldn't figure out how to do it. He generously offered to do it - saying he was pretty good at ferreting out information and problem solving. He worked tirelessly throughout the night until it was accomplished. I was so amazed and grateful.
On his first visit to my home, he noticed my outside hose assortment strung together in an attempt to reach my front garden. The leaks were covered in duck tape. Of course, he showed up later with the best hose and dual connectors that money could buy and designed a watering system that could be stretched to all sides of the yard. His problem solving and generosity touched my heart once again.
I celebrate his life and the time we shared on this journey of life. I will truly miss his indomitable spirit, his beautiful voice, his love of music that we shared, and his generous and caring heart that touched my heart in ways that I will always remember and treasure. I trust in the truth that the spirit life continues on for believers and in a short time we will re-unite on our journey. My faith gives me peace while I await the time of our glorious re-union.

Posted by Teresa Bristol - Girard, IL - friend   April 24, 2015

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. 67 sounds so old when we were teenagers but now that I am 66 it does not seem like that is the time for end of life, in fact it is to soon for any of us to be recalled. I kept in touch with Boyd and he told me of the poor health "T" was in. I am glad he did not suffer any longer than he did. Take comfort in the thought "T" is with his family and loved ones who passed before him and you will also see him again someday. John Benshoof

Posted by John Benshoof - Friend   April 24, 2015

Tom was a customer at the restaurant where I work who became my good friend he always was willing to share a meal and a movie . His love of music will always be with he made me a collection of some of his favorites. He was very proud of his children parents and siblings. We spent many hours looking at photos videos and he sharing his memories of them. He was proud of his time in the Navy he shared many photos of hid time spent and the reunions he loved. He loved Shadow and we would go on many rides with her. When he became ill he bravely fought it and as his illness went on he became a gentler person allowing me to rub his back. I will think of him everyday missing his jokes his straightforwardness and honesty he always provided me a safe kind place where I was always spoils and treated like royalty Tom I will miss you dearly and thank you for being a positive influence in my life love Annie

M time in the Navy

Posted by Ann Brand - springfield, IL - friend   April 23, 2015

Cattle drivers used to say that a man who knew and did his job well; could always be trusted; and would always have a friend's back was a "good hand to ride with". Tom was a good hand to ride with.

Posted by Andrew Brown - Springfield, IL - friend   April 22, 2015

We moved in next door (ok..a house away) from the Bartletts when I was 5 years old. Apparently I went over and knocked on the door and asked for Andrew who was in kindergarten with me. Since that time Andrew is been a best friend, the best man in my wedding, God father to my daughter and nearly a brother. I'm sure growing up Tom (and Jeani) had to beat our butts is few times along with the other kids in the neighborhood...

He was a great man.

There are a few things I'm sure of:

He lived his life straightforward, no BS, loved his family and children everyday, loved his dog!, loved riding his motorcycle, and certainly loved music.

My condolences to the Bartlett family, whom always made me feel like family.


Posted by Corey Entinghe - Springfield, IL - Close enough to Family   April 22, 2015


My dad always said that life is like a ladder and we are slowly making our way up to the top of the ladder during our lifetime not knowing what happens when we reach the top... well, after 2 years of battling cancer, my dad has reached the top of the ladder. He is in a much better place now and finally reunited with his mom & dad, and his favorite dog in the world, Shadow. It's fitting that this is a picture of my dad and his little brother as young kids climbing their ladder... with my dad at the top not knowing where his life would take him... he had a great journey and I will miss him greatly but I know I will see him again. Until that day comes, I will remember his infectious smile and laugh... cancer may have taken my dad but it will never take his spirit as that will live on forever thru those that had the honor of knowing him. Rest in peace Dad... I love you always and am forever grateful for all that you have ever done for me and our family.

Posted by Jessica Krisfalusi - Springfield, IL - Daughter   April 22, 2015

Tom was a true shipmate whose pride in being a Corporal crew member was contagious and resulted in the opportunities for many of us to rekindle friendships and look back proudly on our Corporal days together. It is an honor to have served with him.

Posted by Phil Recht, LT, USNR - West Bend, WI - Friend   April 21, 2015

This is one of my favorite pics of T and our grandparents. He is just so damn happy here. He's heading back to New London and the submarine USS Corporal.
I'm so proud of him and he looks so good in his whites.

Posted by RennyBartlett - Fort Collins, CO - brother   April 21, 2015

Posted by Andrew Bartlett - Springfield, IL - Son   April 21, 2015

Thinking of the Bartlett family and remembering summer fun. T will be missed
Jody Baker Hoffman

Posted by Jody Hoffman - Waxhaw, NC - Castine friend   April 20, 2015

Tom was a big hit at Craig's Pond, Maine. He had a big personality , a kind heart and the kids loved him. His ability to tell stories was masterful. He will be missed by family and friends. Rest in Peace!
Lisa and Jim Bryan

Posted by Lisa and Jim Bryan - Alexandria, VA - friends   April 20, 2015

Tom served well his country and his Navy. He was a pleasure to have on board.
In later years he was instrumental in organizing a series of reunions which provided his shipmates with the opportunity to recall and share memories of that time. We will miss him.

Capt. Jean Paul Sheets, USN (Ret)
Commanding Officer, USS Corporal (SS 346) (1968-1970)

Posted by Jean Paul Sheets - Seattle, WA - Friend   April 20, 2015

I worked with Tom at DCFS for several years and remember him as a good friend. Tom was very knowledgable and always had a keen sense of humor. I will miss him. My prayers are with his family.

Posted by Bob Trainor - Springfield, IL   April 20, 2015

I have wonderful memories of playing in our Main Street backyard with T, Rennie, and Shelley! And visiting the Bartletts at the cabin on Dyce's Head. I'm glad I saw everyone not so long ago, by the State of Maine docked in the harbor. Safe passage T! Now you are everywhere! Love, Maggie

Posted by Maggie Baker - Castine, ME - chidhood friend   April 20, 2015

"T" was my best friend. You could count on his help for anything. From the time we were little kids , thru to the end, he was always there for me. What more can a little brother ask for. I'm sure missing him!

Posted by Renny Bartlett - Fort Collins, CO - brother   April 19, 2015

Andrew, your Dad was always so upbeat and funny! I know he went by and picked up the dog on Rainbow Ridge.. Prayers of comfort to you and your family...

Posted by L Kennedy - springfield, IL - Friend   April 18, 2015

My heartfelt sympathy and prayers to Rennie and Shelley and Tom's family. So many wonderful childhood memories with T and the Bartletts. I will always cherish our beach memories and our trip to Maine and sailing all together. God Bless you. Sending my love to all. Martha

Posted by Martha Thompson Sadler - Annapolis, MN - family friend   April 18, 2015


I'll always remember Tom's smiling face when I first saw him some 35+ years after I'd left the boat. It was one of the earlier reunions. I'll miss that smile and catching up on old friends with Tom.

Don Riggs

I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.


Posted by Don Riggs (Riggsy) - Asbury, NJ - friend & shipmate   April 18, 2015